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Wrap her up with a bowtie and give her to us!

Sometimes you see a video and you think christmas has come early, the coming one with Jenifer Jane is one of those, not only because of the fact that she's dressed in a red fishnet body stocking.


If you want to see some sultry masturbation with one of my favorite toys, the Ben-Wa balls, then you're in for a treat.

She really goes balls-deep in this video, if you know what I mean. ;)


But don't worry, that's not all, she makes sure that those firm tits of hers gets a dose of the vacuum pump to make them extra puffy before she attacks her pussy with her fingers together with the pump!


It's quite the thing watching her pussylips unfolding in to a beautiful flower inside the pump.


As the grand finisher she gets out what is her favorite, the rubber dildo and boy does she go to town on that dripping pussy of hers. She's doing her best to get it  all in there, but it's just a little bit to big for her, but that will not stop her, she's a girl with a mission, in the end though the massive shuddering orgasm puts a stop to her attempts of hiding the dildo!


Jenifer Jane 001


Jenifer Jane 002


Jenifer Jane 003


Jenifer Jane 004